Ally Ferreira

Criminal Affairs of the Heart Series is a series of fast-paced novels inspired by Ally’s experience as a spy in Naval Intelligence, a bail bondswoman, bounty hunter, single mom, executive for a Fortune 50 company, and so much more.

Despite the dangerous and breathtaking situations, she dives headfirst into again and again, Ally flourishes. She faces every life experience without fear and comes out the other side with a laugh that fills the room with a breath of fresh air, ready to tell the story in such a way that it will make a positive impact. 

Her philosophy on thriving is, “Remain courageous and compassionate. Courage will propel you forward, making it so that you can do absolutely anything -and- Compassion will temper your stride to avoid anyone getting hurt in the process.”

Ally is a linguist who speaks four languages fluently and has studied several others.  She has lived in many large cities and several countries. When asked where her home is, she doesn’t have to stop to think. 

Immediately, she raises her hands and points to an invisible spot on the map that only she can see. “On the back of the heel of the boot that’s Italy, there’s this tiny beach town on the Adriatic… That’s where I’ll be … writing the rest of these stories.”