La Mia Bella Italia

Lungo Mare Barca

Though unplanned, it is certainly appropriate that I begin this journey with you in the one and only place that I have ever felt inner peace and calm.

My life in Southern Italy, a critical adventure in my stories. Here, you find rich food, fine wine and a mix of country, beach and mafia unlike any in the world.

Life in Italy is clean and carefree on the topside, seedy and dangerous on the underside. Not many penetrate this world to experience La Cosa Nostra (Literal Translation: That Thing of Ours). Those that do, are very careful and very quiet. Some say it is a fear losing their life. I believe, it is a fear of losing THAT life.

Meaning, some say death is the motivator behind the silence and discretion. I disagree. I venture to say that you protect it because you live it and love it. I believe that losing the camaraderie, belonging and protection that is the life of those who live inside the tiny and exclusive bubble is way worse than death.


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