Daughter of Crime – Final Draft

final draft circle of secrets and lies

The final deadline for Book One of the Criminal Affairs of the Heart Series is here in two weeks.  The book just rounded 80k words and it looks like, Isabella’s journey in Daughter of Crime Is about to wrap up.

The story begins as Isabella enters her senior year of high school in the middle of Burbank, California. For Spring Break, her brother, Armando, takes her to Miami where he negotiates a deal with the Colombian Cartel and Isabella hears stories of Cuba forcing her to accept the shocking truths of the family she was born into.  Trying to get the cocaine from Miami to L.A., her brother puts Isabella’s life at risk without regard for what could have happened to his little sister.

Isabella doesn’t know any other life but comes to terms with the truth that everything she held onto was a lie and that her life is in danger at the hands of her controlling brother and their manipulative mother.
What do you say about her brother?x

Distancing herself from her family is the only answer.  Isabella carefully plans her escape by enlisting her best friend, Ryan, to help her.  Ryan has a master plan and they manage to gather up all the money she needs to move on prom night

High School Graduation and Isabella moving out on her own and away from her family happens all in the same week for our heroine.  It would make sense to say that as a result of moving out, she is free from her family and their sordid and criminal dealings.  But, that doesn’t happen.

To save her brother’s life, she gives up her own independence and lands right back in the middle of drugs, dealers, and all her demons.


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