Book One – Done!

Criminal Affairs of the Heart

Daughter of Crime is FINISHED!!

Book One of the Criminal Affairs of the Heart Series is being polished off by my incredible editor and then off into the world goes my baby!  After three years and writing the three first books of this series, which I promise will keep you dangling on the edge of your seat.  (How can I make such a promise?  I wouldn’t… not unless I knew for a fact that this is the sensation these stories provoke.  They do.)  I read my own finished product and I have to hold on for the insurmountable highs, the devastating lows, and unacceptable plot twists that Isabella survives in every scene.

Yesterday the restaurants opened for the first time in months.  The reopening coincided with the completion of the Daughter of Crime.  I think I expected to feel exuberant, excited, thrilled… But no. It’s a writers’ life and it doesn’t include slaps on the back, drinks on me, or a break from writing.

I’m glad to be able to begin sharing the stories of Isabella’s many journeys and obstacles with you.  Additional emotions? I feel as though I am suspended on the edge of a steep precipice, wondering what happens next.  I felt anxious about completing the book before my deadline.  Now, I feel anxious in deciding when I’ll start to edit Book Two of the series (which has been written for two years).

But angst or no angst, friends…. Book One is DONE!  Here we go!


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Mudabbir Ali

Literally can’t wait to read that book.

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