Daughter of Crime an Update


Update on the series!!

The Criminal Affairs of the Heart Series is heating up fast.  Edits are happening constantly.  The stories and our characters have a life and a passion all their own.

While making feverish notes on the future of Isabella’s adventures, I am honing my discipline to really focus on completing the edits on Book One: Daughter of Crime.

The goal is to get it into your hot, little hands, as soon as possible, while making sure that Books 2, 3 and 4 are ready to follow, right behind!

In Daughter of Crime, you meet Isabella Allesandro and experience the danger and criminality that she was raised with.

Our heroine grows up quickly in Book One.  We meet Isabella at sixteen, still naive to the truth of her life and family history.  We experience with her harsh revelation after a harsh revelation that shock and nearly destroy the girl. By the time she is twenty, we accompany her when she runs fast and furiously to leave behind her family and criminal birthright.

Isabella learns early that running from her family was easy, it’s herself that she can’t leave behind. Can her good intentions redefine her DNA?  Can Isabella fight the powerful pull of the only life she knows? Will she?

You may want to buckle up, my dear readers. Daughter of Crime promises to deliver the exciting, unexpected, and unacceptable at every turn.


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Mudabbir Ali

Excited to see more updates

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