One last review of Daughter of Crime and off we go.

Organized Crime, crime families and the inner workings of the criminal world are fascinating to readers. Readers are sucked in by the danger, the level of unpredictability, the thrill, the mysteriousness and power of the criminals, the possible innoc

Daughter of Crime is FINISHED!! Book One of the Criminal Affairs of the Heart Series is being polished off by my incredible editor and then off into the world goes my baby!  After three years and writing the three first books of this series, whic

The final deadline for Book One of the Criminal Affairs of the Heart Series is here in two weeks.  The book just rounded 80k words and it looks like, Isabella's journey in Daughter of Crime Is about to wrap up. The story begins as Isabella enters

Update on the series!! The Criminal Affairs of the Heart Series is heating up fast.  Edits are happening constantly.  The stories and our characters have a life and a passion all their own. While making feverish notes on the future of Isabell

Life has been a moving target for me. When your parents immigrate to the US from Cuba in Castro's 1962 with a bunch of sons and you are the only girl born into that chaos … life kicks off with a bang and never really settles down. An i

Most kids can only dream about having Isabella's life. Her high school was in the heart of Burbank, California, wedged between Walt Disney Studios and NBC. She attended a private school with the kids of the famous. Her senior prom was held a

Though unplanned, it is certainly appropriate that I begin this journey with you in the one and only place that I have ever felt inner peace and calm. My life in Southern Italy, a critical adventure in my stories. Here, you find rich food, f

I am humbled by the opportunity to share with you the Criminal Affairs of the Heart Series. Action packed, fast paced, exhilarating fiction.  Hold on tight.