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Ally Ferreira is a smart and charismatic writer who creates engaging stories from her own unconventional and fast-paced life experiences.

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Larry Izzo, is joined by writer Ally Ferreira, who explains how she’s drawn on her experiences in the world of organized crime for her upcoming series of books, “Criminal Affairs of the Heart.” Larry interviews the writer and mom about her stint in Navy intelligence and her career as a bounty hunter/bail bondswoman, and also shares a few memories of his own wild past as a street kid soaking up the nightlife and coming of age in the untamed, drug-fueled streets of 1970’s New York City.

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Criminal Affairs of the heart - series

Daughter of Crime

Daughter of Crime begins the Criminal Affairs of the Heart Series, the story of Isabella Alessandro a young woman born into a Cuban family with deep roots in organized crime. 

Will Isabella escape from the criminal blood that courses through her veins? Daughter of Crime promises to deliver the exciting, the unexpected and the unacceptable at every turn as Isabella fights against her affinity for ruthless mobsters, addiction to trouble and brushes with death.

criminal affairs of the heart

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Sal the Singer

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